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St. Francis of the Vines - art and environment

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San Francesco delle VigneART AND ENVIRONMENT:

In the highest part of the Tenuta Il Molino di Grace (Il Volano, way to Lucarelli, Panzano in Chianti) among the lines of a sunny vineyard, the location of a particular art installation both sacred and environmental, wanted by Mr. Frank Grace and carried out by the Artist of Greve Sandro Granucci in 2009 with the special assistance of his daughter Viola Granucci.


The installation consists in a large size bronze sculpture, representing an unpublished St. Francis holding the symbols of the Sun and of the Moon with his hands, together with its basement externally made of the same stones of the old terracings. In total the work is over 24 ft. high, the bronze is about 20 ft. high and 17 ft. wide.

San Francesco delle Vigne

“The large sculpture, the Artist explains, has been drawn up, in formal and volumetrical sense, also starting from environmental local functions, for example of interaction with the morphological structures of that area; as from more general functions relative to the shed of implantation of the vineyards.
Primary aim has been the setting of a creative dialogue between the art work and the surrounding environment.
Therefore it has to be considered and perceived in its specific environmental context; but ideally this art installation can be dedicated and related to the vineyards of the Chianti area in general, since it has been set up on their metrics; and also because the wide gesture of the St. Francis has no limit of space in its contents: it’s a loving embrace, as well as a blessing, toward the vines and at the same time it’s a sort of ecological proposal, based on the well-known naturalistic Franciscan spirituality.”

San Francesco delle Vigne

The installation has been officially unveiled on November 16- 2009, in the presence of the Mayor of Greve in Chianti Alberto Bencistà and of other personalities; in the same occasion the statue has been blessed by Don Alessandro Andreini of the Comunità di S. Leolino.                         

By the same Artist, another installation in bronze and local stone, “SEQUENCE”, is located near the town of Greve, northside, along Viale da Verrazzano, on the Chiantigiana way SR n° 222 ; it has been created for the Municipality of Greve on 2004.

The art work is composed by three different elements, set out for a distance of about 60 metres in a wider green space; the sense of the sequence is enjoyable arriving at Greve from north.

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